zkSync CLI: Your Local Development Assistant

zkSync CLI: Your Local Development Assistant

Easily interact and develop applications with zkSync Era using the zkSync CLI.

Find the source code hereopen in new window.

Get Started with zkSync CLI


Ensure you have the following installed:

Installation and Usage

  • Run commands directly with NPX: npx zksync-cli {COMMAND}


  • Install globally with npm: npm install -g zksync-cli and then use: zksync-cli {COMMAND}

Highlight: Start Developing Locally, Fast

Use zksync-cli dev for an easy way to work with zkSync on your computer. It helps you set up and manage local zkSync and Ethereum nodes, Wallet, and Bridge without hassle.

Quick ‘dev’ Commands

  • zksync-cli dev start: Begin your local development environment (first-time users will be prompted to configure)
  • zksync-cli dev clean: Clear data for configured modules
  • zksync-cli dev config: Choose modules to run in local development environment

Run zksync-cli help dev for more commands and details.

Other Essential Commands

  • Basic Operations:
    • zksync-cli create-project {FOLDER_NAME}: Creates a project in a specified folder.
    • zksync-cli deposit: Moves funds from Ethereum (L1) to zkSync (L2).
    • zksync-cli withdraw and zksync-cli withdraw-finalize: Manage funds withdrawal from zkSync (L2) to Ethereum (L1).
  • Help & Info:
    • zksync-cli help: General help.
    • zksync-cli help {command}: Detailed command usage info.
    • zksync-cli --version: CLI version info.

Deposit and withdraw times

More commands and updates are coming! If you have suggestions, open an issue on GitHubopen in new window.

Project Templates

Create projects with these templates using zksync-cli create-project:

🔗 Supported Chains

zkSync CLI supports Era Testnet and Era Mainnet by default. Use other networks by overriding L1 and L2 RPC URLs: zksync-cli deposit --l2-rpc=http://... --l1-rpc=http://...

For using local setup (dockerized testing node) with default RPC URLs, select Local Dockerized node in CLI or use --chain local-dockerized.

Troubleshooting & Feedback

Encounter issues or have feedback? Open an issueopen in new window or share thoughts in GitHub discussionsopen in new window.