Block explorer menu

Block explorer menu

zkSync Era block explorer menu

The zkSync Era block explorer menuopen in new window displays real-time and historical graphical data on blocks, batches, transactions, and tokens.


zkSync Era block explorer blocks page

  • Blocks are listed by block number, newest first, with status details and age.

  • Blocks are paginated in groups of 10 and you can scroll through the pages at the bottom, or add a specific block number to the URL.

    For example in new window.

  • Click on any block number to see more details about a block.

zkSync Era block explorer block details page

  • Block Size denotes the number of transactions in a block.

  • Batch displays the batch number in which the block is submitted to L1.

  • The block details page lists all transactions included in the block.


zkSync Era block explorer batches page

  • Batches are listed by batch number, newest first, with status details, size, and age.

  • Click on any batch number to see more details about a batch.

zkSync Era block explorer batch details page

  • Batch Size denotes the number of transactions in a batch.

  • Commit tx hash is the hash of the L1 transaction hash on Etherscan.

  • Committed, Proven, and Executed are verification stages the batch goes through and go to Etherscan L1 details.

  • The batch details page lists all transactions included in the batch.


zkSync Era block explorer transactions page

  • Transactions are listed by status and transaction hash, newest first, method, age, initiator address, recipient, value and fee.

  • Click on a transaction hash to see more details.

zkSync Era block explorer transaction details page

Data pointDescription
Transaction HashUnique 66 character identifier generated when transaction submitted to L2.
StatusOne of Indexing, zkSync Era Processed, Ethereum Sending, zkSync Era Processed, Ethereum Validating, zkSync Era Processed, Ethereum Executing, zkSync Era Processed, Ethereum Executed or Failed with links to Etherscan (if they exist already).
BlockBlock number containing the transaction.
BatchBatch number containing the transaction.
FromThe account or smart contract address sending the transaction.
ToThe transaction recipient.
Tokens TransferredDetails on all tokens transferred by the transaction.
Input dataAny additional data used by the transaction for verified contracts.
ValueAmount of Ether being transferred from one address to another within a transaction.
FeeFee for the tx in ETH and USD value. Click More Details to see info on refunds.
NonceSender nonce.
CreatedTimestamp of when the transaction was added to the block.

Token list

zkSync Era block explorer token list page

  • Use the token addresses for bridging tokens.