Contribute to documentation

Contribute to documentation

zkSync Era documentation is open-sourced, it welcomes community contributions from individuals all around the world, including you.

Contributing to any large project necessitates collaboration among project members as well as the people and processes that make the experience productive and enjoyable.

As collaboration on contribution to zkSync documentation is such an integral part of the community, there are many ways to communicate with others doing the same and to learn from them:

Ways to contribute

Edit or review a documentation page


Find a documentation page that you think needs updating, proofreading, or editing.

Background and reference information

Content style guideopen in new window - zkSync content style guide.

Categories of contribution

Review the page to see if it needs editing. Things to look for:

  1. Proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation).
  2. Does the particular page of interest follow the content style guide and the documentation structure guide, if it doesn't you can edit.
  3. 404 links - Make edits and create a PR to fix any broken links.
  4. Language translation - We will make a guide for you to follow if you want to translate zkSync documentation into a non-English language.

Detailed steps

  1. In the page of interest, click on Edit this page,
  2. Step 1 takes you to GitHub: either create an account on GitHubopen in new window, or if you already have an account, then sign in.
  3. Click on the pen icon to fork the repo so you can start contributing to the documentation. fork-repo
  4. Edit MD files:
  • We use markdown in the documentation, you will need to know markdown to be able to contribute to the docs.
  • Make edits to the files after forking the repo and preview your changes. If you have not read our content style guideopen in new window, please do before you begin this step.
  1. Write a brief description of the changes you made and click on Propose Changes.
  2. After editing the files click on Create pull request and wait for our reviewers to review your PR. create-pull-request

Learning/Improvement resources