Full launch system update (Mar 23rd 2023)

Major updates accross the system including:

  • Protocol changes:
    • Removed allow list for L1<>L2 communication (zkSync Era is now at Full Launch open to all users).
    • Implementation of withdrawal delay.
    • Smart contract bytecode packing.
    • Multiple bug fixes in circuits and prover.
    • Fee model adjusted for L1<>L2 communication and proof generation.
    • Security fixes.
    • Performance improvements.
  • New version of JS SDK zksync-web3 0.14.3.
  • New version of zksync-cli 0.1.4.
  • Released new docker images of the local setup for unit tests.

How to update your project

  • Update zksync-web3 to ^0.14.3 in your package.json file and re-install dependencies.
  • Update zksync-cli with npm update -g zksync-cli.
  • Pull the latest docker images of the local setup by running the ./ script. More about local setup.
  • L1->L2 transactions now require gas fees to be paid upfront. The fee can be estimated using the new method zks_estimateGasL1ToL2. Read more here.
  • Provide _refundRecipient when using requestL2Transaction indicating the address that will receive refunds. (Optional)

Hardhat plugins update (Feb 24th 2023)

The following hardhat plugin have been released:

  • hardhat-zksync-verify version 0.1.2: now returns a verification id, which can be used to query the status of a smart contract verification. More info hereopen in new window
  • hardhat-zksync-deploy version 0.6.2: integrates with latest version of zksync-web3.
  • hardhat-zksync-chai-matchers version 0.1.1: integrates with latest version of zksync-web3.

How to update your project

Update the following versions in the package.json file of your project:

  • Update @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-verify to 0.1.2.
  • Update @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-deploy to 0.6.2.
  • Update @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-chai-matchers to 0.1.1.

Compiler & local-setup update (Feb 20th 2023)

Version 1.3.5 of zksolc has been released and the zksync docker image of the local-setup has been updated. Details:

  • Compiler:
    • Adds support for Solidity 0.8.18.
    • Fixes a broken optimization flag that increased bytecode size of compiled contracts.
    • Fixes a bug that detected ERC20 transfer calls as ETH transfer and produced a compilation error.
    • Detection of transfer and send methods in smart contracts now returns a warning message (similar to v1.3.1). The new warning message reminds developers that using these methods to transfer ETH can cause issues and suggest replacing them with payable(address).call[value: <X>]("").
    • transfer can be used to transfer other tokens (e.g. ERC20) without any issues, although this might be still highlighted by the compiler.
  • Local setup docker image:
    • Improvements in the zksync node error messages returned on estimate gas requests.

How to update your project

  • Update the compiler version in the hardhat.config.ts file to 1.3.5.
  • Re-compile contracts.
  • Update the docker images of the local-setup with docker-compose pull and restart the its state by running the ./ script.

System update (Feb 10th 2023)

Minor updated that simplifies the fee model to reduce overhead and fix some bugs. It requires an update on the zksync-web3 package to v0.13.1.

How to update your project

  • Update zksync-web3 to v0.13.1.
  • There are no changes in contract interfaces or APIs, so no code changes are required.
  • Projects that don't use zksync-web3 but rely on eth_signTypedData to sign the transactions would need to manually include a fixed gasPerPubdataByteLimit of 50000 in the transaction overrides.

System update v1.3 (Feb 8th 2023)

This update made several modifications to the system in preparation for the "Fair Onboarding Alpha" milestone. The modifications include:

  • Revamp in the fee mechanism:
    • ergs have been replaced with gas to make it easier to understand (after all, we’re all part of the Ethereum ecosystem).
    • Gas refunds: transactions are refunded for unused gas. You can see these refunds as token transfers in the exploreropen in new window.
  • Updates in the Account Abstraction and Paymaster interfaces.
  • Changes in L1 and L2 system contract interfaces.
  • Breaking changes in our SDKs where methods and properties that contained ergs are renamed gas.
  • API error messages now follow the Geth format (more updates coming soon).

These updates were followed by a system regenesis.

How to update your project

To update your project, follow these steps:

  • Update all your project dependencies, while continuing to use ethers v5.7.x (as ethers v6.x introduces additional breaking changes).
  • Delete the artifacts-zk and cache-zk folders.
  • If you’re using the local-setup to run unit tests, update the docker images with docker-compose pull and restart the local setup state by running the ./ script.
  • Re-compile your project with the latest version of the binary compiler (v1.3.1).
  • Update zksync-web3 to 0.13.x. All methods that included ergs have been renamed to gas and some function signatures have changed.
  • If your project uses zksync system contracts, make sure to update the @matterlabs/zksync-contracts package as well. There are changes in multiple contract interfaces.
  • Paymasters:
    • The ergsPerPubdata: utils.DEFAULT_ERGS_PER_PUBDATA_LIMIT in the transaction customData should be updated to gasPerPubdata: utils.DEFAULT_GAS_PER_PUBDATA_LIMIT.
    • Custom paymasters are required to return a magic value after a transaction validation on the validateAndPayForPaymasterTransaction method. This value should be ACCOUNT_VALIDATION_SUCCESS_MAGIC (available on the IAccount.sol interface) if the validation is successful, or an empty value bytes4(0) if it fails.
  • If your project uses Account Abstraction, keep in mind that the IAccount interface has changed.
    • The Account abstraction multisig tutorial has been updated to reflect the interface changes.
    • The prePaymaster method has been renamed toprepareForPaymaster.
    • Smart contract accounts now include versioning to allow for future updates. This should be included as a parameter when calling create2Account from AA Factory contracts.
    • Accounts are required to return a magic value after a transaction validation on the validateTransaction method. This value should be ACCOUNT_VALIDATION_SUCCESS_MAGIC (available on the IAccount.sol interface) if the validation is successful, or an empty value bytes4(0) if it fails.
  • If your smart contracts use any methods from the SystemContractsCaller library (like systemCall), you'd need to compile them with the isSystem flag set to true in the settings section of zksolc inside the hardhat.config.ts file.
  • zkSync system contracts have cycle dependencies and might cause issues flattening contracts with hardhat flatten. Use the hardhat verify plugin instead.
  • As with any other regenesis, it will remove all balances and contracts so you’ll need to deposit funds and redeploy your contracts again.

If after doing these changes you’re still facing issues, please create a support ticket in the "dev-support-beta" channed in our Discordopen in new window.

The Javascript SDK documentation, Quickstart and Account abstraction multisig tutorials have been updated but some other sections of the docs are not updated yet. We will release updates during the upcoming days. If you find any issues, please contact usopen in new window.