zkSync Era Documentation

zkSync Era Documentation

This documentation is intended to assist you in developing on zkSync. It introduces the concepts of zkSync, describes the zkSync network stack, and some advanced topics for complex applications and use cases.

Given this documentation is open-sourced, feel free to suggest new topics, add new content, and provide examples wherever you believe they will be useful. If you're unsure how to proceed, follow these instructions.

Fundamental topics

If this is your first time using zkSync, we recommend that you kick off at the beginning and work your way through the documentation like you would with a book.

Understanding zkSync Era

Building on zkSync Era

  • Quickstart - Learn how to build a full dApp using the zkSync development toolbox.
  • Smart contract deployment - A guide on how to deploy smart contracts on zkSync.
  • Verify contracts - A guide on how to verify smart contracts with zkSync block explorer.
  • Handling events - Learn how to handle events in zkSync Era.
  • JSON-RPC API - Learn how to use our custom JSON-RPC APIs that are similar to Ethereum.



  • Changelogs - Get updates, breaking changes and new features on zkSync Era.
  • Contribute to documentation - Learn the guidelines needed to be a contributor to the zkSync Era docs.
  • FAQs - Popular questions and answers about zkSync Era.

Tools and SDKs

  • zkSync Era Portalopen in new window - Explore Wallet, Bridge and Faucet features.
  • Block Explorer - Search for real-time and historical information about blocks, transactions, addresses, and more on zkSync block explorer.
  • Javascript SDK - Extending the capabilities of Ethers, our Javascript SDK contains specific classes and methods required to build on zkSync Era.
  • Hardhat Plugins - Use our Hardhat zkSync plugins to compile, test, deploy, and verify your Solidity or Vyper based
  • zkSync CLI - Simplify your development process and interact with zkSync Era from your terminal with zkSync CLI.
  • Compiler Toolchain - Learn about our compiler toolchain.
  • Python SDK - Explore all the Python methods and functions required to build on zkSync Era.
  • Java SDK - Explore all the Java methods and functions required to build on zkSync Era.
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