Using the Block Explorer

Using the Block Explorer


The zkSync Era block exploreropen in new window is an easy-to-use interface blockchain tool, that displays real-time and historical blockchain snapshots. It can be used by users and developers to utilize both high-level data (such as contracts, transaction rates, and so on) and more detailed insights (e.g. block contents, transaction hashes, sending accounts, etc.). Consider it a window into the zkSync blockchain, letting you see what's going on there.

Our block explorer graphically displays block activity, allowing users to engage with the data more effectively. They may seek a specific block number and investigate it further by reading the address and transaction details that comprise a block.

Who Should Make Use of a Block Explorer?

Users and developers can use block explorer to track the progress of their transactions. When a transaction is submitted, it automatically creates a transaction hash, which can be used to check the transaction details and whether it was successful or not. We have prepared this document to aid users and developers in utilizing the block explorer and optimizing the ideal learning experience.

We have prepared this tutorial to aid users and traders in utilizing the block explorer and optimizing the ideal learning experience. We will highlight specific touch points in the block explorer:

  1. Search bar - Search by wallet address, transaction hash, block number or contract address.
  2. Browse blocks - Get all the details about a block included in zkSync network.
  3. Transaction view - Fetch and analyze the list of transactions that occurs on-chain.
  4. Smart contract verification - Verify smart contracts with zkSync block explorer.

To start, you can open up block exploreropen in new window in your web browser and follow along using the guide. Let’s take a look at the block explorer!