Providers (clients) are objects that wrap interactions with the zkSync Era node. If you are new to the concept of providers, check out the go-ethereum documentationopen in new window.

zkSync Era fully supports Ethereum Web3 API, so you can use the provider objects from geth. However, the zkSync Era JSON-RPC API provides some additional methods, which allow:

  • Easy tracking of L1<->L2 transactions.
  • Different stages of finality for transactions. By default, our RPC returns information about the last state processed by the server, but some use cases may require tracking "finalized" transactions only.

DefaultProvider implements the zkSync Era Web3 JSON-RPC API and provides interaction with a zkSync Era node.



func NewDefaultProvider(rawUrl string) (*DefaultProvider, error)
ZkSyncProvider   := ""

// Connect to zkSync network
zp, err := zksync2.NewDefaultProvider(ZkSyncProvider)
if err != nil {
defer zp.Close()

Interface that provides interaction with zkSync node:

type Provider interface {
	GetClient() *ethclient.Client
	GetBalance(address common.Address, blockNumber BlockNumber) (*big.Int, error)
	GetBlockByNumber(blockNumber BlockNumber) (*Block, error)
	GetBlockByHash(blockHash common.Hash) (*Block, error)
	GetTransactionCount(address common.Address, blockNumber BlockNumber) (*big.Int, error)
	GetTransactionReceipt(txHash common.Hash) (*TransactionReceipt, error)
	GetTransaction(txHash common.Hash) (*TransactionResponse, error)
	WaitMined(ctx context.Context, txHash common.Hash) (*TransactionReceipt, error)
	WaitFinalized(ctx context.Context, txHash common.Hash) (*TransactionReceipt, error)
	EstimateGas(tx *Transaction) (*big.Int, error)
	GetGasPrice() (*big.Int, error)
	SendRawTransaction(tx []byte) (common.Hash, error)
	ZksGetMainContract() (common.Address, error)
	ZksL1ChainId() (*big.Int, error)
	ZksL1BatchNumber() (*big.Int, error)
	ZksGetConfirmedTokens(from uint32, limit uint8) ([]*Token, error)
	ZksIsTokenLiquid(address common.Address) (bool, error)
	ZksGetTokenPrice(address common.Address) (*big.Float, error)
	ZksGetL2ToL1LogProof(txHash common.Hash, logIndex int) (*L2ToL1MessageProof, error)
	ZksGetL2ToL1MsgProof(block uint32, sender common.Address, msg common.Hash) (*L2ToL1MessageProof, error)
	ZksGetAllAccountBalances(address common.Address) (map[common.Address]*big.Int, error)
	ZksGetBridgeContracts() (*BridgeContracts, error)
	ZksEstimateFee(tx *Transaction) (*Fee, error)
	ZksGetTestnetPaymaster() (common.Address, error)
	ZksGetBlockDetails(block uint32) (*BlockDetails, error)
	GetLogs(q FilterQuery) ([]Log, error)